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I am Fox. Welcome to my gallery ☼ I am a young artist. This blog is full of (strictly) my art and some music (that is not mine) here and there. Drawings, paintings, but mostly photographs. If you post any of my work on another site, please credit me.

I’m embarrassed to have posted nothing in the past few weeks except for a few mediocre duck pictures ;) So sorry lovelies so sorry!

Hey lovelies. Thank you so much for sticking around :) I just got back from Chicago where I did take pictures, but mostly on my Yashica. so once those are developed you all will have some (hopefully) lovely film photos to look at. For now, all I have are a few dramatic duck pictures (not the most exciting subject, i know) and maybe a few of the city. Sorry for this disappointing end of my little second semester hiatus :)


I didnt make this for 6 notes guys please

Not photography but another cool thing :)

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Woohoo! I have reached 100 followers!! Thank you guys so much for this small accomplishment. It feels really good to know that my photos are getting out their for others to see and enjoy. That being said, I think I will do a giveaway to celebrate in which one lucky person will get a signed print of a photo (that can be found on my tumblr) of their choice. Thank you guys so much!!



Awww thanks Grace :)

Let’s see…

1) I wear a fox hat all of the time (hence the nick name “Fox”)

2) I plan to learn falconry sometime soon

3) I have a specimen collection of dead/natural things including many dead butterflies, bones, and feathers

4) As of recently, I am very obsessed with Sherlock (BUT I HAVENT SEEN TONIGHT’S EPISODE SO NO SPOILERS)

5) I go to an arts high school where I specialize in visual arts